Ghost Doctors Ghost Tours NYC

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  • Actual Ghost EMF Meters
  • Seek out Electronic Voice Phenomena
  • Infrared Temperature Detectors
  • Night Vision for both UFO and ghostly outings
  • Binoculars for UFO night sky watch
  • Dowsing Rods
  • Even how to turn your own digital camera into a ghost detector
  • And More

Ghost Hunting Singles Events in   Some of The Locations We'll Explore:

  • Ghost Hunting Singles Events in Grand Central Terminal
  • Ghost Hunting Singles Events in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Ghost Hunting Singles Events in Central Park
  • Ghost Hunting Singles Events in Flushing Meadows Park the Old World's Fair Grounds
  • UFO Explorations Singles Events in Central Park NYC now with Sky Watch (weather permitting)
  • And More!

  With our group paranormal adventures, fellow participants fast become team paranormal explorers  interacting together creating a stress free and relaxed environment for those special encounters of a phenomenal kind!

Meet spirited singles with a zest for excitement
Learn real paranormal exploration
No worries about showing up by one of our group
adventures you'll fast meet fellow group participants for one heck of a paranormal good time.

So join up with the Ghost Doctors on one of their Paranormal Singles Adventures where meeting new people is care free, natural and supernatural!

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Paranormal Singles Adventures NYC
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During our Paranormal Singles Adventures ghost hunts, you'll discover the fundamentals of true ghost hunting and the use of authentic gear the Ghost Doctors employ on their quest to unearth NYC's ghostly spirits. And on our UFO adventures, participants will be acquainted with the fundamentals of true UFO explorations while employing a variety of UFO investigational tools.

Looking for singles to share an adventure that's out of the ordinary...maybe extraordinary? Then Paranormal Singles Adventures is your ticket to a real live supernatural thriller.!  

Paranormal Singles Adventures is far more than your average singles get together. Whether you come by yourself, with a friend or a group of friends you'll jump right into the action during Paranormal Singles Adventures. From real ghost hunting in some of NYC's most iconic locations to actual out of this world UFO adventures...Paranormal Singles Adventures is non stop fun and action!

Meet fellow single adventurers as you share a group experience making it comfortable and easy meeting new people unlike traditional
and ordinary singles events.